Monday, June 29, 2009

Planting trees

Going further, there is a big urge for jobs as well there are many devastated and / or desertified areas around the globe.
Our basic idea is to stimulate common people as well institutions to develop planting activities. From the home owner who can have plants in his private garden, the one who has land and room for trees, to the big institutions that can develop large reforestation programs with native trees.

To plant a tree is a significant experience. We allow common people to come to our little piece of land and plant a tree. Here, the objective is to give people the oportunity to develop emotional links to the environment via planting at least a tree and becoming its godfather or godmother.

At the other extreme, we look forward developing bigger and bigger self sustained reforestation projects with native trees attending to the needs of air carbon control, green jobs , social integration, social justice, health, new living habits and so forth.

We are spotted on the Atlantic Forest region, in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. We have already planted a lot of trees and we have pictures of the area as well other ones to be seen at

Also, we have many articles published in portuguese language to be read at

We are waiting for your comments. Be wellcome.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Plant a Tree Project - Let us plant trees!

This blog is intended to help activities that lead to the conservation of the world environment.

We came from a long journey to arrive up to this point. Too much blood runned. We learned to survive via killings, robbery, rape and conpetition. We survived via destroying home!
For example, in the US remains only 4% of the original forests.

On the other hand it is possible to survive and live a much healthier and happier life doing good! It means, we can look at our own behaviour and see that we can do much, we can breath in a happier way, we can observe our inner and outer worlds with much more accuracy. We can think about all we observe with freedom, we can act accorddingly.

Since we can check and have a less destructive life stile, we can also unite ourselves in projects to save forests, to plant trees in areas already destroyed and other related activities alike producing green jobs for the many, schooling that enables children, youngsters and adults to work in a way that produces real wealth.

I am a native portuguese language speaker living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who conceived the Plant a Tree Project and I am inviting you to publish here as well to join our efforts to recover the environment and creat new ways of living.