Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How capitalists open paths to the leftist and other robbers

How capitalists open paths to the leftist and other robbers

by Lino Guedes Pires


When you want to put your money to work I do recommend you to read Doug Casey at his Daily Crux texts.
But unfortunately this guy is very insentitive as one can read at his own text published at the above link.

There you see all he sees is money. He says to be buying land in Argentina where he plans to raise cattle and make fortunes paying U$250,00 a month to Gauchos. He does not consider that this industry is based on the killings of sensitive animals and exploitation of humans called Gauchos, the cowboys of Argentina and south o Brazil.

Then poverty will come and once installed, after a lot of environment destruction, politicians will come and tell the Gauchos that for such injustice it is deserved a revolution. This politicians might be leftists alike comunists, right wings alike Hitler or even politicians alike Peronists that have already once destroyed the economy of Argentina that once was a very rich nation. The same happened in Russia where the nobles exploited the commons for a long time until appeared Lenin, Stalin and others that killed millions to install comunism and after all the blood drained the Russians remained as poor as anyone can see.

Take a look at his text published at http://www.thedailycrux.com/content/2840/Doug_Casey

Here are some of his sayings:

...We bought Braford females – heifers – and they calf every year. We now have about fifteen hundred cows. Every year we get about twelve hundred new babies,...

...And since our cattle are all grass-fed, and we own the land for cash, and the Gauchos earn roughly two hundred and fifty dollars a month, we don’t have much in the way of costs.

I’m a big fan of grass-fed beef. ...

Please, read his article, consider it at full length and come back here to tell us your thoughts, share your opinion with us.